Who’s Next In Line? (Television Thoughts: Next In Fashion S01 E01-E02, Netflix)

5BZTA5N2I4NjAtMG@._V1_Since I have been watching the new season of ‘Project Runway,’ I was inspired to check out the similar show on Netflix, called ‘Next In Fashion.’  And what do I think? I still think PR is the gold standard when it comes to fashion designer competition shows, but something about Karlie Kloss being a Trump supporter is really leaving a sour note for me, so I am really trying to get into ‘Next In Fashion.’ (I am eagerly awaiting the Amazon Prime show with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn) After watching the first episode of this, though, I almost gave up. First, I am not too fond of Tan France, the host of the show, and he is given too many hats here – he is also kind of a mentor and a judge. Alexa Chung shares the same duties as he and she is kind of cute, and sure, peppier than Heidi and Karlie. I did notice that the slate of contestants for this show is rangier – they come from mostly all over the world as oppose to more USA-centric of PR. And the conflict here is much more muted – the contestants are broken down to teams of two people and there’s no rhyme or reason to the teaming: some of them know each other previously and some do not, so it doesn’t seem like that was done to create ‘conflict.’  And we really don’t get to know much about the contestants – we get plunged into the contest right away.  The pacing of the show is weird. I don’t know why, but I almost felt it was slower. But by the second episode, though, I got used to the groove, and marveled at the clothes. While I don’t think the talent has been diluted on all these shows now, I do think some of the clothes are very nice. So I will keep on watching – I read that by the fourth episode it gets much more interesting.

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