How Green Is My Lily of The Valley? (Perfume Thoughts: Lucky, Dior Collection Privee)

375x500.48385This, from the Dior website, is Francois Demachy’s explanation why this scent is called, ‘Lucky.’

Christian Dior was very superstitious and would stitch a stem of lily of the valley into the seam of his dresses for good luck. I wanted to represent the perfume of this hidden lily of the valley, sewn into meters of silk, with a profusion of white flowers and freshness. The scent of his favorite flower gradually reveals itself. Lucky is a good luck charm and the perfume to wear whenever you want to cross your fingers.”

As you may have guessed, Lucky is a lily of the valley scent. It is a nice rendering of the flower, as it is able to capture its sweetness and its slight sour qualities. Lucky is also an aquatic scent – there’s a lot of ozone in it, and some green aquatics there too. It is very nice and elegant, and very versatile as well: it would match a business suit and a sequined gown both. But you feel like you have smelled it before (I hear comparison to the classic L’air du Temps) and I just think, this is from the Dior Private Collection? I guess I wanted something more bold, more imaginative. I won’t turn away a bottle, but I don’t think I will be actively seeking one.

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