Lotsa Lasota (Music Thoughts: Essence, Anna Lasota)

14548179-1576832034-4235I chanced upon Ana Lasota’s album ‘Essence’ on Spotify. I guess it was recommended to me because of my interest in musical theater. It’s weird that there isn’t much information on the internet about Lasota even though her Amazon page describes her as “one of the best Polish voices on the musical theatre and film scene in Poland.” but no matter, it’s all about the music, right, and she sings these theater songs fantasticaly. She is blessed with a clear soprano that has a wonderful range, and when she sings these musical theater songs, you do not get the impression that she is ‘slumming.’ My favorite tracks are the ones where she sings in Polish, and we get three here: ‘Aldonza’ ‘I Could Have Danced All Night,’ and ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him.’  You can sense great connection tot he lyrics even if I don’t know how to speak a lick of Polish. The rest of the album is just as stellar, though I don’t really know why people keep on including ‘You Raise Me Up’ in theater music-centric albums. Even if you have not heard of her, this recording is worth seeking out.

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