Capsule Collection (Movie Thoughts: Adopt A Highway/Holly Slept Over)

1adEthan Hawke has turned out to be one of our finest actors. I used to have a big crush on him back in the days, but nowadays he kind of looks like a meth addict. Even though I didn’t really love ‘First Reformed,’ I thought he was so good in that film that the performance should have gotten an Academy Award nomination. His streak of great performances continue with ‘Adopt A Highway,’ where he plays Russell, a convict who just gets released from prison (for possession of an ounce of weed!)  He plays the character with resentment and vulnerability. The film is all over the place but I thought it was still thought provoking, and the pay off on the end surprisingly effective.

2MtOWNmNDMxYTMxMWZjXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyOTU3MjU4ODM@._V1_I also liked ‘Holly Slept Over.’  It’s about a couple, Audra and Noel who is trying to conceive a child.  When her old college roommate visits, this gives Audra a chance to evaluate her fractured relationship with Holly – they had had a college fling when they were younger. Holly then gets invited for a threesome, and well, we all know where that can go. I liked the first half of the film more – there is so much talk about Holly that when she finally shows up, she diesn;t quite live up to the hype.

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