Pretending (Television Thoughts: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S01 E04)


When I saw that the title of the episode was ‘Zoe’s Extraordinary Neighbor,’ I perked up because I knew at least that it will have a great musical number with Alex Newell, who plays Mo, the neighbor. And it gave them the opportunity to humanize Mo, who we have only seen as the wisecracking sidekick. The story they gave her is about her internal struggle with faith and identity, and it is powerful – it gaze Zoey good use of her ‘powers,’ when she first hears Mo singing ‘The Great Pretender,’ and then following her to church. Now I wish we can see more of how Mo lives her life.

Otherwise there are some sub plots – like Zoey recommending her mom to help with Simon’s floral arrangements for his wedding, and Zoey’s brother having a gender reveal party.

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