Modern Bloom (Perfume Thoughts: Chloe Sevigny Little Flower, Regime des Fleurs)

375x500.56715I have been thinking of rose scents lately, and I just realized I have not written about Chloe Sevigny’s ‘Little Flower’ yet. I recently sampled it and fell in love with it instantly.  First of all, I know that Sevigny is a perfume lover, so I trust her with creating a fragrance. I also read that she wears Comme des Garcon Rose so it kind of makes sense that her first fragrance celebrates her favorite note – the rose.

And this is a wonderful rose – it is dewy and fresh. It is blended with tea – the black tea accord shows up quite early on my skin, breaking the freshness of the rose and making it instantly accessible. I sense some black currants next, which makes the fragrance a hint of juiciness. There is some citrus here as well (I see pomelo on the note list) and over all it is veiled in musky wood. That sounds, on paper, like it would go a boring route, but this is so well-blended and light that its freshness stays. This is a nice light modern rose fragrance that in theory should have been a cliche, but really smells youthful and modern. I love it, and I swear if the bottle was just a little cheaper I would have bought it instantly. Now, of course, I am thinking about it by the day. The sillage and longevity is on the quieter side, but then again, I was only working from a sample, and I am sure if I had a bottle, this would wear better on me with heavier application.  I don’t know how long I will last without this….

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