In Sickness (Film Thoughts: Ordinary Love)

1orfWhen you get married, part of the traditional vows is the promise that you will be with your partner in sickness and in health. ‘Ordinary Love,’ directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn tells the story of a couple venturing into ‘in sickness.’ Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville play married couple Tom and Joan, when in the beginning of the film, Joan finds a lump in her breast area. Well, you can kind of guess what happens next. The film has no big surprises, including great acting by the two leads. It’s nice to see Neeson in a non-action revenge movie, showing tenderness and vulnerability. While Manville’s Joan is the great face of bravery amidst the loss of health and dignity. The two of them are so wonderful together, and so natural, that you feel like you know these couple very well, and that you are going through what they are going through together. To me, that is part of the problem – I have had similar experiences when I was taking care of both my parents that it felt too familiar, and feelings of stress and sadness crept up to me to the point that I felt depressed afterwards. I think this is a fine touching movie. It just represents something I would never want to go through again ever.

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