Ann-y Valentine (Stage Thoughts: Let’s Fall In Love!, Ann Hampton Callaway at The Moss Theater, Santa Monica, California)

1517This is the year of ‘different,’ I guess. I usually sit Valentine’s Day out, but this year, I was lucky to have to go to a Valentine’s Day concert of one of my favorite artists, Ann Hampton Callaway.  She just happened to be performing near me, so it was very convenient for me to go.  And of course, it was a wonderful time. This show is titled ‘Let’s Fall In Love,’ and it naturally is an evening of love songs. Accompanied by Mitch Foreman (on piano) and Kevin Axt (on base) she serenaded the audience with works of love the whole night. You felt love in the air with every nuance in the lyric, with the heft of her finely-aged alto. She had beautiful renderings of ‘All the Things You Are,’ and ‘Let’s Fall In Love,’ but of course, I gravitated towards the Ann-dards – the joy in ‘Finding Beuty’ is palpable, and I never cease to have a dry eye whenever I hear ‘I Dreamed Of You.’ Other stand out numbers include a tender ‘How Do You Keep The Music Playing,’ and of course, most appropriately, ‘My Funny Valentine.’ You would think you have heard the song a million times by now, but there it was that night sounding as fresh as ever.  Hearts Day this year has never been better.


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