The Love Thing (Television Movie Thoughts: The Thing About Harry, Freehold)

345TheThingAboutHarry_KA_04On one hand, ‘The Thing About Harry’ has all the elements in a rom com you have seen before: road trip, opposites attract, will they or won’t they.  But all of those are its best assets as well. This is a love story for the ages, and as a gay rom com, its simplicity and accessibility is truly a miracle. I cannot believe this exists in Network television (a Disney company to boot) but I am mighty glad it does. This is the romantic movie I have been waiting for this Valentine’s season, and it should be celebrated.

It is anchored by two great performances: Jake Borelli and Neko Terho who play Sam and Harry. Harry used to bully Sam in school, and now they go to the same college. They get stuck in a car together driving home for an engagement party (a nod to the classic ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and yeah, I probably don’t need to tell you anything else – it won’t matter. What matters is you will come along for the ride, and you will fall in love with both characters, and before you know it, you will be rooting for them to be together, as obstacles get hurdled in their way. Peter Paige write and directed this film, and he balances all the elements splendidly – you are crying one minute, and laughing the next (sometimes both at the same time)

Most of all, it made me believe in romantic movies again. Sure, the genre has evolved over the years, but it’s good to see they can still make them the old-fashioned way, like this one.

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