Was It All A Daydream? (Music Thoughts: A Kind of Daydream, Lisa Addeo)

q4alb01802858One look at Lisa Addeo’s album cover and you know exactly what her ‘brand’ is – chanteuse. She claims that the vintage microphone she is holding in that photograph once belonged to Frank Sinatra, and she recorded her album at the same Capitol Studios where Ol Blue Eyes recorded his classic recordings. i wish her album was more memorable. Addeo sings in a soft whispery voice which gives the impression of sexy and sultry. The arrangements of her songs veer towards late-night boom-boom music. She definitely knows what she is trying to sell, The thing is, I am not buying any of it. The whole sound seems so manufactured that I did not get a minute of ‘authentic’ in there. Plus, is it just her ‘style,’ or does she strain to reach some of the notes? This whole album is forgettable, and the more I take it out of my mind, the better.

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