A Little Dull (Television Thoughts: Zoey’s Extraordinary Failure, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S01 E05)



Maybe the show titled this episode appropriately. Episode 5, ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Failure’ is a little bit of a failure. At the end of the episode, I thought to myself, well, wow that was boring. Zoey gets involved in her brother’s marriage, inadvertently spilling info to his wife things he wasn’t ready to tell her yet. Ho-hum. I don’t know if I was really interested in them. On another front, we also get a small story line for Leif. He is that cute overachiever in Zoey’s staff. He’s cute, but I don’t know if I can get behind all these tech type A personalities. There’s a little thing about her mom struggling to take on a new project because she has always worked hand in hand with her husband. Another ho-hum. But I guess the money shot is of Zoey & Simon kissing at the end, as Max breaks up with his barista girlfriend. I bet the whole triangle gets played pout moving forward

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