A Dream Is A Smell (Perfume Thoughts: Coach Dreams, Coach)

375x500.58846I only get boring things in the mail nowadays but guess what showed up the other day? Macy’s sent me a small sample of Coach Dreams. I put it on almost as an afterthought, not expecting much. I remember trying the mens version and instantly forgetting about it. But you know what? This was a very nice surprise. This is a very accessible floral. It is inspired by the ‘freedom and adventure of a road trip across America’ and has some notes that were kind of suspect (cactus flowers and Joshua Tree)

But what I get is a nice gardenia and pear combo. It’s a fruity floral, for sure, but there’s a sweet/tart thing going on that was kind of interesting. I really wouldn’t mind wearing this. It is well blended but also has a spiky personality. I would imagine it really ‘blooming’ on a spring or summer day. Who would have thought?


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