More Than Zero (Movie Thoughts: From Zero to I Love You)

1000_CR0,0,801,1000_AL_I was going to describe Doug Spearman’s ‘From Zero to I Love You’ as a rom com but it really isn’t a comedy. The film is more a romantic drama, and I would even call it a melodrama. It isn’t the best thing in the world, but it kept me entertained, and that’s more than I can say about some of the recent films I have watched. Pete (Daryll Stephens) has a history of dating married men – probably stemming from his fear of commitment – so when Jack (Scott Bailey) comes along, he thinks it’s just an affair. But feelings start to develop between the two of them, and…drama. He is still married, of course, and has to make a decision/ I liked the way the film showed the feeling of dread when someone feels like they are in the middle of the hopeless situation. There are soap-like layers in the screenplay – when Jack finally makes a decision, Pete has moved on – but I didn’t mind it that much, because of the strength of the leads, especially Bailey.  I found myself caught up in the middle of the story, and appreciated the slick production – everything and everyone looked impeccable on screen. We can have good things sometimes.


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