For Something More (Music Thoughts: As I grow Older, Emma Lindars)

91QybXc1PvL._SS500_I discovered Emma Lindars’ album ‘As We Grow Older’ last Holiday season because I was looking for versions of Mariah Carey’s ‘Miss You Most At Christmas,’ and she has one in this album. I researched her and found out she is a UK-based theater performer. I liked her version of the Holiday song just fine, but asked myself – is there a reason for the cover version to exist? While there is no doubt that she can sing, she follows all of Carey’s inflections and melisma. In this album, she does mostly the same to most of the songs – do we really need karaoke-ready versions of ‘Chandelier,’ or ‘Rolling In The Deep,’ for example. I perfked up a little bit that she chose to sing ‘Aint It Good’ from ‘Children of Eden,’ and I can tell she can do subtle with her version of ‘With Every Breath I Take’ from City of Angels. But she really doesn’t do much with her versions besides sing them. She sings them well, but…there has to be more, I think.

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