The Eyes Versus The Heart (Television Thoughts: Love Is Blind S01 E 01 – E 04, Netflix)

p17821116_b_v13_aaWhat does the statement ‘love is blind’ really mean, because for me it has a lot of connotations. But for the sake of the new Netflix reality show “Love Is Blind,” this is what it connotes: a bunch of strangers are housed in some warehouse in Atlanta, and they date in pods, hearing only each other voices. When a match is set, the guy  proposes to the girl, and not until then that they meet in person. Then they are whisked off to a resort to Cancun, where they adjust to the ‘physical’ stage of their relationship. I am only up to Episode 4 of the series, and one couple has already disintegrated in Mexico.

So what do I think? Well, I am normally not a fan of reality dating shows (I don’t get the appeal of ‘The Bachelor’ or its female counterpart) maybe because I am more of the hopeless romantic kind – I can be conservative that way. I found this series well-edited. They stop the first episode at a spot where you instantly want to find out what happens next so you cannot help but keep on watching. It hasn’t been appointment television for me just yet (I feel like an episode a night is enough) but I gotta admit I am interested enough to keep on watching, and probably finish the first season. I am amazed that there are five couples engaged by now, though it doesn’t surprise me one couple has separated by the first night in Mexico – a bisexual guy revealed his orientation and well, you can just imagine what happens next (juicy!) There’s a lot of drama, but it doesn’t feel as exploitative (though it is) because of the sleek production.

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