Spray And Figedahboutit (Perfume thoughts: Fig Tea, Nicolai)

30ml-Twisted-Lily-500x500Someone at Luckyscent told me that Fig tea ia Parfum de Nicolai’s biggest seller.  It’s easy to see why. I don’t know why it took me so long to sample this (this came out in 2007) but I did, and I instantly love it. I have always loved tea scents, and the fig combo here makes it equally appealing – it’s a sweet, ripe fig here, and combined with the earthy mate tea, the effect is bright, and unique. It’s so interesting for me because one sniff and I get the tea, and seconds later I get something totally different. It’s the perfect office scent for me – unassuming and still perfumista approved. We had one of our clients accost me the other day and wanted me to write the name of the scent for her (I don’t know how I feel about that, honestly)  My only complaint – at times my nose gets used to it I feel like I am not smelling anything anymore. I don’t know if it’s poor longevity because it makes me want to spray again.

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