The Good Is Good (Television Thoughts: Project Runway, Season 18 Finale)

Project Runway - Season 18

Quaranstream what? Not wanting to go out made me watch all the remaining episodes of Season 18 of Project Runway, and eventually the winner for the season. And, I just have to say, but still this show holds the gold standard for fashion competition shows (time will tell if the Heidi/Tim Gunn Amazon prime show will match it) They do this show so well – I have to admit I cried a couple of times. And it doesn’t hurt that the ultimate winner – Geoffrey Mac – was my bet. You know why? He is a nice person. I remember the episode when their competitor – the young Korean girl – was not feeling well, Geoffrey went out of his way to make her tea. Imagine, everyone is hard pressed for time, and he gave up some of his to make sure a fellow contestant felt better. It makes his triumph even sweeter for me. I love it when good guys win. And I truly liked his collection the best – it had the most imagination. Victoria’s was good, but it only spoke to one kind of woman. Sergio’s is well done, but limited in scope (and not as well styled) and Nancy’s was uneven for me – some felt a little too arts and crafts still. I wonder how the judging went, rank wise. I bet if the show was still in Lifetime, Victoria would have been the winner.


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