Pear, Safely (Perfume Thoughts: Angelys Pear, Nicolai Parfumeur)

Nicolai-Angelys-PearAngelys Pear, I suspect, was developed by Nicolai as a ‘follow up’ to Fig Tea, which I hear is their biggest seller. It gives the same vibe – a fruity floral that will appeal to a lot of people. A lot of designer fruity florals have the pear note, but you can tell that the quality of the pear in this creation is a lot better – you can sense the juiciness and vibrancy of it in this perfume. The citrusy opening is very fizzy, it has a champagne-like vibe. I like this a lot more than Fig tea, because for some reason the latter one gets so lost in my skin. Angelys Pear is not the most original thing in the world, but as far as fruity florals go, I like it a lot. I can see myself wearing it to the office, and on those days when I can’t decide what to wear, it will be a nice ‘safe’ choice.

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