Downslope (Movie Thoughts: Downhill)

dhI know ‘Downhill’ is based on the 2014 Swedish film ‘Force Majeur’ and since I have not seen the original, I initially did not want to see the American version just yet. But there the movie was in front of me, and before I knew it, I started watching. What a misguided film. First off, I am sure that the original film was multi-layered and had a lot of depth, but this felt hollow. The film stars two star powers – Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Will Farrell, but the characters are so thinly drawn I could only get a glimpse of what these people may have been. The constant bickering of the couple felt tiring after a while, and I felt like I was trapped in the ski resort with people I did not want to spend any time with. This film felt like an ordeal, and I lost interest in it fairly quickly. I now will go on a quest to see the original.

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