New Chapters (Television Thoughts: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S01 E06 E 07)


Episodes 6 and 7 bring the series to that moment wherein this show ill eventually take us to the ‘Love Triangle’ aspect of the show. We see Max breaking up with the barista on ‘Zoey”s Extraordinary Night Out’ and I think that is a major set up for the Zoey and Max tandem. Add to that the fact that it looks like Simon’s engagement could be fractyred as well (we find out later it’s ok)  I have always been a supporter of Zax (Zoey & Max) only because I like Slylar Astin as an actor/performer. I mean, the guy has serious Broadway roots and you can see that in all his musical numbers in the two episodes – he shows vulnerability so well in ‘I Would Walk 500 Miles,’ and especially in the flash mob scene of Shawn Mendes’ ‘If I Can’t Have You.’ And that brings us to Zoey’s big move on Episode 7, where he confesses her ‘superpowers’ to Max. I do agree that it was very unfair for Max to have Zoey leave him hanging, and I just wanted to hug Max like a little puppy. It’s great that she had Mo back her up so now at least she has two people who can help her manage this ‘gift’ she has.

I don’t know, but I am getting a little fatigued by this show. Besides getting minor excitement from some of the musical numbers, I am beginning to get a little bored by the storyline. Jane Levy is great, and I like Astin of course, but everything else feels a bit meh for me…

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