We’re in the Swallow (Movie Thoughts: Swallow)

large_swallow-poster‘Swallow’ is not my kind of movie, and I don’t know how I got swallowed into watching it. It’s about a housewife, Hunter, played by Haley Bennett, and you know she is a troubled housewife because her house is immaculate, she is so cleanly and organized she irons her husband’s neckties. And of course, she is harboring a secret – she suffers from pica, which is a condition common among pregnant women  (I have never heard of it myself) Pica is condition wherein you swallow inanimate objects. She starts with a marble, and before you know it, there she is gobbling up thumbtacks, safety pins and batteries. To me, it’s very bizarre and while I am watching it, I am torn between being horrified and nervously laughing, asking myself what the eff am I watching. But of course, there has to be more to the story, as we learn Hunter is a rape survivor, among many other issues. And the film becomes sort of a thriller towards the end. So you can see, there’s a lot to unpack here, and even if it is not my kind of movie, it kept me interested. However, I was kind of glad when it ended. It was a very unpleasant watch, and I doubt I would be repeating this ever.

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