Katy and The City (Television Thoughts: Katy Keene S01 E01-03, The CW)

p16949536_b_v8_aaI read an article about television shows that are musical-centric and the CW’s ‘Katy Keene’ was one of the shows mentioned so, obviously, I was interested. It’s a Riverdale spinoff (these characters are all from the same universe) but this show is very far removed from the darkness of Riverdale (no murder mysteries here) The sho wis also from the minds of the same artistic creators, Roberto Aguirre-Sarcasa, Michael Grasi and Greg Berlanti.

It’s…cute. I see it as a kind of today’s ‘Sex And the CIty’ because it seems to have come from that mold. It seems a little old-fashioned, if you ask me, like this show could not have been out of place if it were set in the early 2000s. Lucy Hale plays the title role, an aspiring fashion designer who lives in New York City but for now works at the luxury department store Lacy’s. See – that’s how dated it is, because nowadays department stores are kind of going the way of the dinosaur. She works for a iron lady boss, too, so there’s a Devil Wears Prada reference. She has best friends: Josie, an aspiring singer, Pepper a gossip columnist (see, another dated reference) and Jonny, an aspiring Broadway actor by day and drag queen performer by night. I don’t know if they meant to do this for ‘edge,’ and it is just laughable if they did.  They are supposed to be poor, but Katy’s dilemma is so rich white girl (should I choose to go to my boyfriend’s match or work at a party and meet my favorite designer?) Still, it’s all harmless if sometimes eye-rolling fun. At least this has a spate of Broadway actors in the cast – liek Bernadette Peters and Daphne Rubin Vega. It could be a lot worse

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