Galbanised (Perfume Thoughts: Tokyo Bloom, The Different Company)

375xtoky500.14838It was cold and dreary this morning, and I wanted to wear a scent to match my mood. And since I couldn’t decide, I went to my stash of samples to just blindly wear anything. I saw a vial of The Different Company’s Tokyo Bloom and decided to go for that. I figured a nice floral would always be a pick me up. Well, as I spritzed, I realize that this bloom id not a floral in the ‘traditional’ sense. What I first got was galbanum, and it is one of my favorite notes. I love it in Mugler by Thierry Mugler (a nice cheap-ish version of it) and I like it even better in Maison Margiela Untitled – this was when Margiela did interesting perfumes instead of the Replica stuff. I like galbanum a lot because it is citrus with a bit of an edge, and the warm earthy tones make it feel alive. In Tokyo Bloom, we see taht intermingled with sweet basil leaves, and the dandelion flower. I think this is a nice spicy floral but also kind of sweet and tender. On a rainy day like today. it’s the perfect match. One thing I noticed, though: the sillage is faint. I keep on trying to sniff my wrist just tp get a whiff of it. Also, I see that this was launched in 2012 but I see it under the new releases. I wonder if this got re-issued and/or reformulated?

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