Tom Ford Knows My Address (Scent Thoughts: Beau du Jour, Tom Ford)

o.89178They say lavender is one of the most soothing ‘smells’ and during these times, it is what a lot of ‘sense’ people recommend we sniff to make us calm. With all that is happening in teh world today, I couldn’t help hut test its effectiveness and pulled out my sample of Tom Ford’s Beau de Jour. I remember coming home one night and opening the mail box to find that Tom Ford has sent me a sample of his new release. But of course, perfumistas know that this is not a new release at all – this has been in his Private Collection since 2012 and I remember sniffing it then and not caring for it – I am not the   biggest fans of lavender scents in general – the barbershop aesthetic doesn’t appeal that much to me. I feel it is much overused in men’s colognes, and the lavender perfumes that interest me are the ones that give the note a do-over. One small aside – I wonder what possessed Tom Ford to send me a sample? I mean, does he know the addresses of all perfume lovers and send them unsolicited samples?

The verdict – I still am not in love with this scent. I do have to say that it smells a little more elevated than all the other generic lavender scents out there, but only slightly so. This lavender is enhanced with mint, making it smell fougere-like. It is very aromatic, and it has great tenacious sillage and longevity, but overall I am still bored by it. I imagine it would work best if you are wearing a suit, and maybe for a woek related event it could suit me, but if I don’t ever smell it again, I would live.

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