Hopelessly Devoted (Book Thoughts: Only Mostly Devastated,Sophie Gonzales)

51ExgSWeDfLWell, the good news is that I am reading. My free time isn’t as vast as others – I work in ‘essential business’ – but I do have more time than usual, and I said why not just start reading again. I actually have a pretty big TBR pile on my Kindle so I just picked one to start. And Sophia Gonzales’ ‘Only Mostly Devastated’ is as good a book as any. i actually discovered this via Instagram – I was target-marketed by the publishers and I saw the synopsis and I was instantly sold. The plot of the book borrows heavily from ‘Grease.’  Two teenage boys meet at a lake in North Carolina – Will and Ollie – and have this torrid romance. Well, since they are minors, its probably better to describe their summer romance as tender. Ollie gets a curve ball, though – his aunt has cancer so his parents decide for them to stay in North Carolina and he has to go to school in Colinswood – the same high school where Will goes, of course. He gets the shock of his life, and he is emotional since Will has been ghosting him since after their summer romance ended.

The book moves at a great pace, and Gonzales doesn’t waste any time before we get to the bottom of things. Will befriends a bunch of girls and gets caught in their social high school drama as well. I love that the book is from Ollie’s point of view, as we get to see really feel what he is going through. There are times when I thought he was making wrong decisions still getting involved with Will, who seems to be tormented by the  fact that he could be attracted to guys (he is bisexual) and it made sense because he is Venezuelan-American. I thought that part of the story was resolved a little too neatly – but this could just be my baggage speaking. I thought one of the most touching part of the story was Will’s relationship with his dying aunt – I found myself tearing hp when the inevitable happened. All in all a very addictive read, and it will get your romantic inclinations pumping – I kind of needed that right now.

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