Cut For Your Life (Television Thoughts: Making The Cut S01 E03 E04, Amazon Prime)


I told you I would be writing about ‘Making The Cut,’ right? And so I am.

I like the show still, but I have a little bit of a problem with it – a competition show is only as good as the competitors and I find myself saying ‘meh’ about the contestants. I guess that was also evident in the production, because Episode 4 had them fighting for their lives (is that kind of like Lip Sync for your life?’)  I think that episode probably addressed what a lot of viewers are thinking. The show is almost halfway done ( think there’s a total of ten episodes) and I have yet to really see the aesthetic of the designers. One thing is for sure, though, and that my favorite has not changed – Sander, in my opinion, has the bold ideas and the skill. But could his brand be a global; brand? I don’t know if he is able to do ‘accessible’ looks. For example, his dress for the last challenge was beautiful, but as Heidi rightly observes, ‘that’s hard to replicate for the accessible look.’  And he seems to be a nice person, too. He says he helps people because this is a design competition, and he says he wouldn’t want to win just because he has an advantage (that he knows how to sew) On the third episode, the editing made it seem like he would not get along with Sabato, but they even won.

Some other observations:

I am getting tired of Esther’s stuff – it’s so specific and so the same.

Megan’s designs are very Ann Taylor. She needs to go.

Naomi is still the best judge.

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