A Mimical Resist (Movie Thoughts: Resistance)

resistance-movie-posterDid you know that Marcel Marceau, the most famous mime who ever lived, helped the French Resistance of the Nazis? Honestly, I did not. In Jonathan Jakubowicz’s ‘Resistance,’ you can see that he was helping the anti-Nazis even before the French occupation by helping children transported to Switzerland. But this isn’t really a Marcel Marceau bio film, though I wish it was. We only see glimpses of his miming here, and I wish there were more, because that would have been a more interesting film for me. ‘Resistance’ has very familiar themes, but it is always timely, and kids nowadays seem to have limited knowledge of the horrors of the second world war, and e=any information to ‘remind’ them is helpful. Jesse Eisenberg is great here, although, again as a mime he felt a little short, but as a man who is against the regime, he is particularly poignant and effective.

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