The Promise of Spring Flowers (Perfume Thoughts: Elixir, Roja Dove)

990659425Ah, the house of Roja Dove. To me, it is the modern day equivalent of Creed. This house makes very nice perfumes, and they are very expensive. I don’t think I have ever written about a scent from this house before, because… I can’t even bother. At $300 (and higher) a bottle, I cannot justify the price. I have to love something so much for me to pay that price, and the one or two scents of theirs I have sniffed have not made me feel that way. But here we are. Neiman Marcus sent me a sample of their newest fragrance, ‘Elixir,’ and since we don’t go out anymore, I might as well sample the scent on a random Wednesday night.

It is beautiful – a bright floral. It has a rose heart and some fruits on top – peach and raspberry I think. Then a bunch of flowers join the party – I get some violets and lily of the valley among others. It doesn’t matter. It is expertly blended and this is one of those springy perfumes – it sings and soars. I can see people wearing this to Easter Services and brunch afterwards. Do I like it? Yes, very much so. Am I in love with it? Well, yes, but I do not love it enough to pay for its price. I mean, it’s a fruity floral – a gorgeous one, but for three hundred smackaroos I want my perfume to do a song and dance. So… no sale.

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