These People’s Problems (Film Thoughts: Almost Love)

large_almost-love-posterI had been looking forward to seeing ‘Almost Love.’ I used to love these kind of gay New York movies – erudite, intelligent New Yorkers who know and love the city as they go through their lives. But maybe I have been away from NYC so long now. I can’t identify with any of the characters anymore, or maybe I am too old for them – these people sound so whiny and privileged that I instantly disliked them. Or maybe I am just reacting to the times. There is a pandemic going on, and these people are making fun of the homeless. Maybe in another time these people’s problems may have been relevant, but right now, ‘gay white people’s problems.’

Scott Evans, though. Some people may think of him as the lesser Evans brother, but he is good here. I didn’t like his character much, but he tries hard and almost successfully makes the character human. And you notice Kate Walsh in her small role. Patricia Clarkson does a hilarious cameo that is almost worth it.  All these ‘almosts’ make you appreciate the effort, but in the end, almost is not good enough.

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