In the Streets (Television Thoughts: Making the Cut S01 E 05 E06)


I always think that Naomi Campbell was the most difficult critic on ‘Making The Cut’ but on Eopisode 6 she showed her soft side when she refused to send Rinat won “what can I do to convince you guys she shouldn’t go home?” she exclaims at the end of the episode. And no one budged. I think it was a pivotal moment, one where you can see that she is a real human and not an android model. I love her, Amazon, please don’t let her go!

Elsewhere on Episodes 5 and 6, we see Sabato go home first. I think it was his time – he wouldn’t budge from his aesthetic and I don’t think he was meant to ‘compete.’ It was still sad to see him go. Rinat was the weakest designer in Episode 6 and was justly cut, but I wish it had been Miss Ann Taylor who had gone. Of course, we get the ‘back story’ of Rinat being close to Sander (and Johnny) to make us feel the feels when she went. And speaking of Sander, I still am championing for him. I still think he is the most talented there, and look at his ideas – they are all so big and bold. I do have qualms about them being ‘sellable’ in the traditional boring sense, but  bet the fashion people would. Let him win!

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