Romantic Musical Chairs (Movie Thoughts: Love Wedding Repeat)

love-wedding-repeat-1-600x889Dean Craig’s ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ has a fantastic first scene. A couple has their first date, and he is leaving for the airport soon, and they are to have their first kiss, and there’s a hint, a promise of love there, but they get interrupted. It is set in Italy, and there are violins, and you are instantly hooked in the promise of what is to come…

Too bad what happens next doesn’t fully fulfill the promise. There’s a wedding, still in Rome, between a woman and her Italian husband-to-be. But there are obstacles – her ex-boyfriend is threatening to reveal that they slept a couple of weeks ago, and we get an oddball set of characters playing romantic musical chairs, and there’s a lot of slapstick comedy – and it’s kind of not my thing. When it settles down towards the end, it almost loses me, but I guess there’s a bit of something there that did not make me feel I wanted to puke Sam Claflin is good, and has charm, and I felt like he deserves a better film than this, and the British accents always get me – it helped to elevate the sophomoric dialogue. All in all, this is just okay, and in quarantine doesn’t seem as bad as it is is.

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