What About The What If? (Book Thoughts: What If It’s Us, Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera)

Albertalli-Silvera-What-IfSo I have to admit, I do judge books by the covers sometimes. I was trying to start a book the other night and chanced upon ‘What If It’s Us,’ by becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I knew nothing about the book, nor its p[lot but it was on my Kindle and I looked at the cover and thought to myself, “seems like a fun book based on the cover,”  and I needed something light for before going to sleep. I started reading it, and the plot revolves around two teenagers who meet at a post office, and it’s one of those cute meets. But, they never bet each other’s info, and, well you can just guess what happens next.

I thought the book was kind of boring, The ‘gimmick’ was each of the two authors voiced the characters, and there’s Ben who is Puerto Rican and a NYC native. Then there’s Ben, living in NYC for the summer but based in Georgia. I felt that the individual voices were fine, but I never got the ‘connection’ between them. I never believed that they would fall for each other, and when they did, I felt that it wasn’t a ‘match.’ And there was not much conflict, and what was there felt forced.

Lo and behold, when I started reading reviews for the book, a lot of people felt the same way I did. (I never read any until after I finish reading) So I guess it’s not me?

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