And The Angels Sing (Movie Thoughts: Military Wives)

mwToday is a different kind of Easter. I am alone at home, and it would have been my Dad’s 92nd birthday today, so obviously I have some of the ‘feels.’  I wanted to see something uplifting, and something that would make me smile – and cry a bit, and I could not have picked a more appropriate movie to watch than ‘Military Wives.’  Directed by Peter Cattaneo, it centers around a group of military wives whose hubands are serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. They all band together to form a choir, and well, you can just imagine where this is all headed – Cattaneo is also the director of ‘The Full Monty’ so he has experience and a tested formula under his belt. But instead of getting quirky outcasts, much of the drama here focuses on the two leaders of the group, played by Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan. I absolutely adore both actresses so it was an added treat to see them sparring – Thomas the uptight by-the-book type A, and Horgan the easy peasy down to earth counterpart. I have to admit the drama veers through melodrama at times especially at the final climax between the two of them, but the pay off is worth it. This is a film that will touch you, and I bet especially during these times it will resonate.

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