The Tween Cook (Movie Thoughts: Abe)

abeI have not watched a second of ‘Stranger Things’ so I had no idea who Noah Schnapp is – and he seems to be as big deal. I am sure to pay attention after this, though, for I was very much impressed by him as the titular character in ‘Abe.’ In Fernando Gorstein Andrade’s film, he plays a tween from Brooklyn who is interested – well, obsessed is probably a better word to use – in cooking. He is mostly interested in how flavors are fusioned, as he is a fusion himself – his mother is Jewish, and his father is Palestinian. As you can imagine, both sides of his families have very specific points of view, and more often than not, the clash confuses and frustrates him. He starts working at a Brasilian Fusion restaurant and starts learning how to fuse his own familiar familial flavors. This is a sweet small film, and I don’t think it aims to be anything more, and I enjoyed it very much for what it is. And as I said, I thought Schnapp is the best thing in the film, vulnerable and touching, I hope he does great movies that will best explore his talent.

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