Pump Up The Jam (Perfume Thoughts: Rose Jam, Lush)

01647Anyone who knows me also knows that I love rose scents, so it should be a given that I would like Lush’s Rose Jam.  And I do. I remember as time when this used to be seasonal, that Lush only sells these during winter time. But I think that has changed now, and they sell it year round. I remember hoarding the shower gels, and using them sparingly, saving them for times when I would want to feel especially..lush. But to be honest, it’s been a while since I have had the shower gel (making mental note to buy some) until IK realized that I had a generous decant of the perfume in my stash. I don’t even remember how I got this – I remember someone gifting it to me. So on a nice day like today I figured why not wear it?

And it’s as beautiful as I remember it. The best thing about ‘Rose Jam’ is the sticky jammy rose. It’s nice and heavy, with hints of vanilla and lemon. And it is so yummy that you may feel like spreading it over toast.  From Lush’s website: “Every year, Lush buyers visit the Turkish farm where our roses are harvested and enjoy a massive feast, complete with the matriarch’s homemade rose jam”. I think that description is perfect!

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