Ann’s Bayou (Stage Thoughts: Sings The Linda Ronstadt Songbook, Ann Hamton Callaway, 54 Below At Home)

Ann-Hampton-Callaway-FeaturedI’ve been listening to Ann Hampton Callaway for a good part of my life now that whenever I see her show, I kind of know what to expect. But I find that she can still surprise me in the best way. 54 Below At Home recently streamed her show ‘The Linda Ronstadt Songbook’ which was filmed from September 2018 and I was very glad they did because I have not seen this particular show of hers. I have always loved her and her singing standards (and her brilliant compositions) but in this show, she sings a lot of pop, even rock and roll , songs and she is just as effective, There’s a lot to mine in Rionstadt’s repertoire, ands she extracted some of the best songs. I loved her vibrant and rocking ‘You’re No Good,’ and she pairs this with the story that Linda used to sing this show live before putting it in one of her albums, and when it became a hit, started a trend of ‘reviving’ old rock and roll songs sung Linda’s way. You appreciate it more as she segues into singing ‘Blue Bayou,’ which of course Linda covers from an old Roy Orbison hit. And some of the best spots on the show is her duet with her friend Billy Stritch (who does great piano duty here) singing Linda’s two famous duets, ‘Don’t Know Much,’ and ‘Somewhere Out There.’  By the time she wrapped the show singing ‘Desperado,’  you realize how great she is honoring the music, and me wanting to listen to Linda’s originals. (It made want to add Linda’s Greatest Hits to my Spotify playlists!)

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