Love Takes Time (Book Thoughts: We Met In December, Rosie Curtis)

44285798Of course, I started reading ‘We Met in December’ just as the temperature started to soar (it’s getting up to the 90s here now) and I think I describe this experience as akin to listening to Christmas Carols in July. But then again,, I have always been a non-conformist so I had no problems with this. In Rosie Curtis’ book, the couple in this lover story meet cute…and then things stall. Perhaps we are not really used to things progressing at a quick pace, but here the relationship takes time to develop. And that’s just fine, because love, at times, takes time. I thought this was nicely written, and I liked the first person point of view of someone who just started living in London – I think I will probably look at the experience the same way as she did. In a lot of ways, the relationship felt more real that way. I think people mistake this for a holiday romance kind of story, and it isn’t, so adjust expectations.

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