Dacal’s Gonna Get You (Music Thoughts: My Standards, Janet Dacal)

51k9SWPa8TLJanet Dacal was playing Dina in the touring company of ‘The Band’s Visit’ when Covid 19 hit. Around the same time, she released her solo album ‘My Standards,’ from Ghostlight Records. The album is a collection of her favorite standards, done ‘her way,’ which marries a lot of her Cuban roots into the songs. What better day than Cinco de Mayo, especially now that we can only virtually party, to play this record. There used to be a time, in the mid century, when singers like Doris Day and Julie London would record Latin-themed albums. Dacal tries to bring that back here, and she is successful at it. I have heard some of these songs millions of times by now so any fresh take on it would be very welcome. Take ‘I Got rhythm’ for example – she does an explosive salsa version of this, and it works fantastically – this will get people to run quickly to the dance floor. Her improvisations are as great a match to the song as any jazz riff to it. She sings ‘Sabor A Mi’ both in English and Spanish and though I appreciate it more in its original form, I like the breathy arrangement of the English version (‘Be True To Me’) Songs like ‘Orange Coloured Sky’ and ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’ sound more alive than ever. So grab your home version of a Margarita and luxuriate in the Latin rhythms of this album today. i bet your hips will start swaying.,

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