Changes Come (Film Thoughts: Driveways)

REVIEW-Driveways-4Change is hard to swallow most times, and with what’s happening now, we have to sometimes be accustomed to changes big (or small) in our everyday lives. There is a lot of pain going around nowadays, and there are different ways to escape it. Some people goto what is farthest from what they are experiencing, but fir me, I find more solace in seeing things that mirror what I am feeling. I recently was touched with two deaths from Covid 19 – one from someone who was very close to me years ago – so I have been feelign a little aimless. And then I see Andrew Ahn’s ‘Driveways’ and somehow it made me feel a little better -introspective still, but it gave me a warm feeling that I am not alone in this, even if right this very minute I do feel alone.

The film revolves a mother and son – Kathy and Cody played by Hong Chao and Lucas Jaye – who arrive at a house to pack up belongings. It is owned by Kathy’s sister – April – who just passed away. Kathy discovers that she was a rat pack of some sort – the house is overflowing with ‘stuff’ – and as they prepare the house to be sold, they are befriended by the next door neighbor – an elderly man named Del (played by Brian Dennehey, who also just recently passed away)  Story wise, not much really happens, but the film says so much about everything – death, survival, sensitiveness. We hear bits and pieces of these people’s stories, and we understand them through these, and somehow Ahn has a knack for capturing moments. Chao and Jaye are both wonderful, and Dennehey is memorable as Del – he has a wistful monologue at the end that hot me hard. Don’t we all wish we could sometimes change how we lived our lives, how we could have stopped and smelled the roses one last time before leaving them behind? This film will make you feel – sometimes we go through life guarded we forget how to do that.

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