Don’t Bother They’re Here (Television Thoughts: We’re Here, HBO)

We_re_Here_TV_Series-694763964-mmedDrag queens are fun and all, but I just find the mainstream incarnation of them to be pretty boring. I come from that age when the ones I like had different personalities, and their personalities came from their brains and not their eyelashes. I have not really seen any Ru Paul’s Drag Race anything, so I found myself wondering why I sat there sitting and watching the premiere episode of  HBO’s “We’re Here.”

I mean, it’s such a product. I cannot see anything original in this show. Three queens – Shangela, Eureka O Hara, and Bob The Drag Queen go from one conservative town to another to try to convert some of these closed-minded people to accept diversity. It’s a noble concept, but it is also a blatant ripoff of Queer Eye.  And I don’t know who I have less patience with – the queens or the bigots.

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