Calling Children (Film Thoughts: 15 Years)

unnamed-7A couple, Yoav and Dan (Oded Leopold and Udi Persi) is celebrating their fifteenth year anniversary. But there’s trouble brewing. All their friends are wanting to have children, and Yoav’s friend Alma is just announced that she is pregnant. This causes a whirlwind of events that spiral downwards for Yoav, a mid life crisis of sorts. Yuval Hadadi’s ’15 Years’ is kind of timely. Ever since marriage equality, a lot of gay couples have been starting families, and it is upsetting the status quo for some guys – do they join the mainstreaming of gay life, or hold on tot heir ‘individuality’? I wish the film went deeper in that, but we only see the surface in Yoav is feeling, and at times, it makes you feel unsympathetic towards the character. the acting is good, and it will more or less make you believe the situations they are in, but you can’t help but try to understand.

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