Hello Dolly (Film Thoughts: How To Build A Girl)

How-to-Build-a-Girl-2020I love Beanie Feldstein that even if there are a lot of things that do not work in Coky Giedroyo’s ‘How To Build A Girl,’ I had a smile on my face while and after watching a film. The film is based on Caitlyn Moran’s memoir, about a teenage girl outside London. She is bookish and nerdy, but she has literary dreams (her room has pictures of her idols: Sylvia Plath, Sigmund Freud, Julie Andrews, among others) and when she submits a review of the ‘Annie’ Cast Recording to a British rock magazine, she catches their attention (they bet if she is real or a joke) Cut to her dyeing her hair red, and dressing like Stevie Nicks, writing under the name Dolly Wilde, and writing scathing reviews for the magazine. Thsi is a coming of age story, so of course, the success goes to her head and she learns life lessons. The story is a bit by-the-numbers, but Feldstein captures you with her warmth and charm. I really do feel like I am seeing an actor come into her own, and I feel Feldstein is a very intelligent actress who will only grow and be better.  While her British accent here sounds wonky at times, she captures the spirit of the character so you can forgive her for that. as a film, there really isn’t much that’s new here, but her performance makes the film worth seeing.

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