Would You Rather Be A Pig (Film Thoughts: Pig Hag)

ph‘Pig Hag’ i sone of the most interesting films I have seen in recent times. The film, directed by Colby Holt and Sam Probst, is about Jodie, played by Anna Schlegel, a traveling nurse living in Los Angeles. She is overweight, and in the beginning of the film we see her engaging in a text exchange with a guy she has met online. The guy has become very abusive to her, and insults her by calling her ‘pig hag,’ referencing her friend group of gay friends. It is a very frustrating way to start a film, as I anted to personally grab the phone from Jodie’s hands and tell her, stop engaging with this troll. I have to say, I was able to understand Jodie in the course of the film – I realized that there is a loneliness in her, living alone in the city, longing for what society expects her to be. When she goes to a Guns and Roses concert, she meets Dustin, and they have a connection and one night stand – he charms her by doing Axel Rose’s snake dance, but he suddenly ghosts her the morning after. This causes Jodie to be unhinged, and it was sad. At first I was wondering about the non-linear style the directors used in telling the story, but here it worked. We see Jodie going hysterical as she is being ghosted, and yes, we judge her for being needy, but then we see the connection she had with this man, and we understand her. I mean, could we have acted the same way? Who knows, perhaps. Schlegel is fearless here, laying everything – blood, sweat and tears – on the table for all of us to see. And you will probably hate her character – it is presented warts and all, and you probably will disagree with her choices. But this Jodie is as real a character gets in a film, and I doubt if you will forget her.

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