The Journey of They (Book Thoughts: I Wish You All The Best, Mason Deaver)

9781338306125_custom-fc9f9dc97885f9b88d3d063fdf0163a277235e09-s300-c85I think I was at about the seventh chapter of Mason Deaver’s ‘I Wish You All the Best’ when I exclaimed to myself, ‘this is very good.’  Nowadays it’s getting rare and rare for me to really emotionally connect with art, and I can say i connected with this one. The book is about Ben, who in the beginning of the book comes out to their parents as non-binary. he gets immediately thrown out in the middle of the night – in thirty degree weather with just his socks on. They call their sister who they have not seen in ten years, and they start to live with her, and study at a new school. So you could just imagine what they – and the readers – have to go through. I found myself riveted by everything – as he gets paralyzed by what is happening to him. They meet Nathan, and they fall in love with him. I have to admit this gave me a lot insight about what non binary is – I have not really been educating myself as deeply as I should have. But all in all, this is a fantastic story about self-acceptance and finding yourself in a world where you have to pick yourself up.

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