Hit Me With A High Note (Film Thoughts: The High Note)

the-high-note-DigFIN01_285_T2455_THN_2764x4096_w1_rgb-1-691x1024If we were still living in a ‘normal’ world and ‘The High Note’ was shown in a movie theater, there would have been no doubt I would have showed up. This is my kind of movie – films that have personal stories. I consider this film a romantic comedy,  perhaps not of the ‘traditional’ kind. The ‘romance’ is between Maggie (Dakota Johnson) and her boss Grace Davies (Tracee Ellis Ross)  If this were a different film, it would have been like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ but screenwriter Flora Greeson gives Grace a little more depth, not making her a cliched diva monster. But really, this is Johnson’s film, and in my opinion, her most charismatic performance. The story may have a string of tropes, and her character may be a tad inconsistent, but her Grace never wavers. Her screen presence, along with a soft thoughtful performance, makes us care for her character. And Ross is a formidable partner. Those expecting a character like her real-life mom would be a little disappointed as her Grace Davies is a lot more modern and human. She lights the screen when she is on, and the two of them together, sparring, is movie magic. Sure, the story is a bit unbelievable, but who cares? This is a great quarantine film – it will take you out of whatever world you are in and take you to a dreamy Los Angeles where dreams can be realized.

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