Sometimes Happiness Comes and Goes (Movie Thoughts: Happiness Adjacent)

511X73Xjk3LWe have all been stuck indoors and nowhere because of this Covid 19 and maybe I am just inching to go somewhere that I enjoyed ‘Happiness Adjacent.’  This film, shot entirely on an iPhone, is set on a cruise, and I am a big fan of cruising. Sure nowadays it is probably not the safest way to vacation, but I just like the experience. And when I first started cruising, I had this ‘fantasy’ of falling in love while on one (my reality check, of course, is that it’s probably quite unlikely that those things happen) and this film delivers that fantasy. Hank is left alone by his best friend so he has to travel alone, and the ship has not even left the port yet when he meets Kurt, a married man. But since this is a fantasy, the married man is bisexual, and his wife is puking from seasickness and before you know it, Kurt has ‘late night workouts’ at Hank’s cabin. But is there more to them than two ships that pass in the night, on a ship? I think it would have been more realistic if both parties would have acknowledged that things could be just light, but yes, sometimes you get caught in an emotional trap that you cannot control. I thought the film was more than effective given the limitations odf the production and the leads – Ian Dick and Adam Fried were good enough. In these pandemic times, the film was a good reminder of the good old days,

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