Through The Storm (Film Thoughts: A Stormy Night)

storym‘A Stormy Night’ is one of those two-ships-crossing-in-the-night kind of movies, and it is one of my favorite genres of ‘love story’ films. This one comes from Spain, though the dialogue is mostly English. Written, directed, and starring David Moragas, who stars as Marcos, who is on his way to San Francisco to attend a screening of his film. But he gets sidelined in New York because of bad weather. He spends the night at an apartment of one of his friends, and meets Alan, the friend’s housemates. I think we know from the start where this could end up. I wish the situation felt more organic, but that’s a minor complaint – we can see two souls connecting. Some people have compared this to ‘Weekend,’ but it’s a little less deep than that film, and that’s fine because relationship, and even ships sometimes just touch when they cross. I thought the two leads had enough chemistry together, enough for me to believe and root for something to happen. And even though What happens in the film doesn’t fully satisfy, it left a very deep impression on me.

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