Devi’s Ever After (Television Thoughts: Never Have I Ever, Netflix)

MV5BNTk1OWE3MmItNDhlYi00NGM4LTkwMWUtM2NkZWJiNjQyNGIxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTMxODk2OTU@._V1_I honestly cannot think of a Netflix series that I have binged watched. Of course, I have not seen any of their Greatest Hits – ‘The Crown’ had been languishing in ‘My List’ for a long time now – but I have this thing about Netflix. I put so much stuff on ‘My List’ and I look at the service as my last resort – I tell myself it will always be there, and I never get to there.

But I started watching ‘Never Have I Ever’ and I can’t get enough of it I am even trying to ‘preserve’ it by not trying to watch it all at once. I am now finished halfway – five out of ten episodes – and it’s an unlikely source of happiness for me. Who knew?

I have always liked YA stuff because there is so much hope there, and, for the most part, the desires and longings are innocent, and I like innocent. Here we have. protagonist, and she is cast perfectly in Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. She is Devi, and Indian American teenager who suddenly loses her father in her Spring orchestra concert,. She is your typical Type A overachiever, in the most adorable way. and she has set her sights on Paxton, the school hunk. And in all the halls and corridors, they do find each other, from her agressiveness (can we have sex, she asks him) and then, of course, he finds her ‘soul.’  Halfway through, there are obstacles, and you know what, even if they don’t end up where she wants him to be, I do get a feeling she will be alright.

This is produced by Mindy Kaling, and I appreciate the diversity in her characters. Devi’s friends are both of color: one is Chinese, the other black, and one of them is gay. Even the main squeezes show diversity. I mean, even the white-looking hunk is half-Asian. It truly represents the world we live in today.

And it’s pitch perfect – funny and sad, and real.

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