Sweet Summer (Film Thoughts: Days of The Bagnold Summer)

p17444458_v_v8_aaSimon Bird’s ‘Days of The Bagnold Summer’ is one of those fantastic delights that, for me, seemingly came out of nowhere. It’s a nice, quiet, thoughtful summer film, and was just right up my alley.  I don’t even recall how I discovered it, but I am mighty glad I saw it. It’s a summer coming-of-age film, but without any ‘big’ discoveries, it just highlights a relationship between a mother and son, and even though there seemed to be a big ‘change’ towards their relationship in the end, you knew that the love was there all along.

Daniel (Earl Cave, Nick’s son) was supposed to go to Florida to visit his dad for the summer, but his trip was cancelled giving him nothing to do. His mom Sue (Monica Dolan) was ready to just rearrange her attic, but now has to deal with a depressed son. This is a movie wherein you think not much happens, but a lot does, and they come from small moments. When Daniel has a falling out from his best friend, we see Daniel more withdrawn, and that’s when Sue seizes the chance to connect more with Daniel. The film is so sweet and good natured that it left me with a big smile on my face, Cave is a star – I bet we will see more of him, and Dolan is wonderful as well. This is one of those small films that pack a whallop,

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