Who Could Imagine A King? (Movie Thoughts: The King Of Staten Island)

kossI miss those days when every weekend, more often than not, I would looking forward to seeing a new film, whether it be a studio or independent release.  This week I only have Judd Apatow’s ‘The King of Staten Island,’ and I am only mildly interested in it. The scariest thing about it for me? The film runs at 145 minutes, a length that should be reserved for epics. This film isn’t one.

The film is a plodding mess. I disliked most of the characters in it, especially the main character, Scott. Played by Pete Davidson, Scott is one of those boys that never grew up. His family around him mentions some kind of mental illness, but we don’t really know how they get to that. What we do know is that he is ‘damaged’ because he lost his firefighter father at aged seven. Sure,  that’s a touch card to be dealt with, but a lto of other children experience the same thing and they do not act as childish and bratty as Scott. And Davidson is perfectly cast in that regard, for his acting range runs from angry to petulant. Most of the time, I just want to shake him and say grow up.  I disagreed with almost every action his character makes, making me not want to spend time in his world. As a result, that 145 minute felt like an eternity. Thank God for Marisa Tomei, the only bright spot i n the film for me – I always say she is an underrated actress, always an MVP in the films she is in.

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